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Breast cancer affects us all, women, men, children and friends. This year in America, more than 211,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 43,000 die. One woman in eight either has or will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. In addition, 1,600 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 400 will die this year. If detected early, the five year survival rate exceeds 95%. Mammograms are among the best early detection methods, yet 13 million U.S. women 40 years of age or older have never had a mammogram.

When you purchase a Shrimp for Life™ product we will donate 10% of your purchase to the Mitchell Cancer Institute, specifically for breast cancer research. Because of your purchase you have helped in the elimination of this cancer.

Thank you so much, we know thousands of women, men and kids thank you!

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